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Fireworks of Music and New Circus

  • FeuerTanzWerk, Foto:

  • San2 & His Soul Patrol, Foto: Chris Gonz

  • Shantel, Foto: Matthias Merz

  • Béatrice Kahl & Thilo Wolf, Foto: Ludwig Olah

  • #zweiraumsilke, Foto: Chris Civitillo

The Silvestival® is sponsored by its main sponsor

Sparkasse Nürnberg

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Radio F 94.5

Celebrating the turn of the year with music from Handel to hip hop, with theatre and innovative circus performances, has become a Nuremberg speciality. Every two years, the “Silvestival” combines ten to twenty venues within easy walking distance in the Old Town for an unusual festival and meets with a wonderfully curious audience.

The Silvestival® – cultural fireworks – combines entertainment and ambition in a playful manner. Chamber music and world music, cabaret and musical theatre, the circus spirit and sparkling jazz link arms and relax. There are no boundaries, there is no pigeonholing, just pleasure for eyes and ears.

The astonishing creativity and quality of the Northern Bavarian culture scene takes centre stage. Here and there, guests from at home and abroad complement the overall programme. The delight for ears and hearts is supplemented by visually stunning short theatre productions walking the line between dance – projections – circus arts and melancholy-spooky comedy.

20 Show Acts

Over 20 bands, ensembles, companies, artistes, and DJs await you. So far the line-up includes: Stefan Hippe and the Nuremberg Accordeon Orchestra with French chansons, java and musette, Lizzy Aumeier and The White Lilies with their tv-proved music cabaret qualities, electro tango from Buenos Aires, expanders of horizons of the new circus, Cirque Garuda from Prague; Wallclown, who turns the world upside down, Dado with his new show etc. – The program will be completed successive.

18 Stages

The Silvestival® invites you to a cultural journey of discovery through Nuremberg’s inner city. The wintery sky is as much part of the ambiance as the elegant concert backdrop or the surprising venue. Over 10 venues between the St Catherine’s Ruin, KunstKulturQuartier, Klarissenplatz and the Aufsess Hall in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum invite you to broaden your horizons in a most original manner between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m.

The Rhythm

Take your time. The programme is structured in blocks so that during the night you can enjoy four to five programmes at a leisurely pace.

Before midnight, the same set is played three times in each location (starting at 9, 10, and 11 p.m.). You have at least 15 minutes to get from one venue to the next.

Midnight, the turn of the year, belongs to you: for chinking glasses, for watching the fireworks set off by Nuremberg’s citizens – and for waltzing into the new year in the traditional manner!

After midnight, there are a further two programme blocks: one from 0.30 to 2 a.m., and a further one from 2 to 4 p.m.


Thanks to the continued commitment of our main sponsor – Sparkasse Nürnberg – we are in the fortunate position of being able to offer this high quality programme at a fair price.

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Those Were the Days! – Past Acts

Silvestival® 2017

Antena Libre, Alexander Lehmann, Alexandra Rauh, A Tale of Golden Keys, Christoph Borer, Cirque Garuda, Dado, D’Artagnan, Deutsches Spielearchiv Nürnberg, Die Japanische Clubjacke, Die Mahrsmännchen, Djangology, Eskalation, Feuerbach Quartett, FeuerTanzwerk, Fußtheater Anne Klinge, Gretchens Antwort, Hot Klub, Kulturkellerei DJ-Team, Lizzy Aumeier und die weißen Lilien, Max Muto, Norbert Nagel & Friends, Nürnberger Akkordeonorchester, Orchester Ventuno, Singin‘ Off Beats, Rebecca Trescher Ensemble 11, Tanghetto, Tobias Weidingers T-FUNK feat. Lutz Häfner, Uli Tsitsos & Ivan Le Mutant, Wallclown

Silvestival® 2015

Max Calaf Sevé, Club Stereo All Stars, Cirque Garuda, The Les Clöchards, dance maxX, Dirty Granny Tales, DJ Matth Fame, Double Drums, FeuerTanzWerk, Luis Frank & David Alfaro, Stefan Hippe und das Nürnberger Akkordeonorchester, Gankino Circus, Gretchens Antwort, Lutz Häfner & Rainer Böhm, Kapelle Rohrfrei, KulturKellerei-DJ-Team, El Mago Masin, Matthias Romir, Monika Roscher Big Band, Mydy Rabycad, Norbert und Frieder Nagel mit dem Streichquintett des Kammerorchesters Bad Brückenau, Pocket Opera Company, Duo Riul feat. Sebastian Manz, Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar, Stefan Singh und Cristiana Casadio, Smokestack Lightnin‘, Wrongkong, Frank Wuppinger Arkestra

Silvestival® 2013

Blassportgruppe, Cirque Garuda, Club Stereo All Stars, Control Bacano, Dado, Die Schönen und das Biest, DJ H, Klaus Brandl & Band, Feuertanzwerk Ingo Schweiger, Feuerzirkus Bilenko, Gankino Circus, Wolfgang Haffner & The Muchachos, Hasemanns Töchter, Jazzboutique, KulturKellerei-DJ-Team, Soulicious, Lilo Kraus Quartett, Marie & Serjoschka, Matthias Romir, Pocket Opera Company, Ron Spielman, Smokestack Lightnin‘, Trio DeVienne-Quartett feat. Sebastian Manz, Torsten Goods, Ungarische Kammerphilharmonie, Viva Voce

Silvestival® 2011

La Boum, Franz Hajak & The Blue Lunatics, La Cherga, Cirque Garuda, D’oro, Global Kryner, Alberto Mancharés & Band, Monaco Bagage, The Great Bertholinis, Norbert Nagel und das Bayerische Kammerorchester Bad Brückenau, Siegfried Jerusalems Opernklasse, Kellerkommando, Des Königs Halunken, Pocket Opera Company, Rebecca Trescher Quartett, Sonny Ronnie &The Shotguns, Versengold, Jorge Vicet

Silvestival® 2010

Agnes-Lepp-Qintett, Boom & the Ballroomshakers, Klaus Brandl & Band, Carlos Reisch, club stereo allstars, DJ Gott Soul, Los Dos Y Compañeros, John Q Irritated, Siegfried Jerusalems Gesangsklasse, Thilo Wolf Big Band, Tuneship, Wrongkong, Frank Wuppinger & L’Orchestre Europa, Yara Linss Trio, Zärtlichkeiten mit Freunden

28 Acts. 18 Venues. 0 Fireworks.

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